i drank myself down(ward) 
made deeper the sea with my
drowning my
slant(y)eyed sweat
and sputtering 
and with
the smoke of my veins the sea was
spread dark(ly)

 where did you go yesterday?

( to the sea.  )

no, you didn’t. i was there. i would have seen you.

( i was hiding.  )

what? where were you hiding?

( in the reef.  )

oh. well, the reef has good hiding places.

( i dressed as a clownfish.  )

clownfish all look alike.

( i know. that’s why i dressed as a clownfish.  )

were you there all day? what did you eat?

(  a clownfish.  )

that’s awful.

( yes, i know.  )

i awoke (shore)sprawled
Orphic singing
stinging, salt(frost)ed –
sputter, Body, shuffle
the letters of your 

 and where are you now?

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CHRIS R. said...

I had some clownfishes 20 years ago but it's hard to keep their anemones alive. Nice post; is it a take on Alice In Wonderland, by any chance? This should be published somewhere, really. It reminded me of the song "Aspray" by Kitchens Of Distinction.
Cool blog; the name of it instantly reminded me of one of my favorite songs, "Everything, All At Once Forever" by Th' Faith Healers.


But why so few posts involving Will Smith?