DAYCARE/Christopher Columbus

some morning all the river will swell up and overflow into the daycare center and wash all the children out to sea.

(I have been walking all day I have been overturning stones looking for you I have been walking quietly because the soil is damp and even with peat and absorbs the sounds of my looking for you)

I found:
I found a red cardigan sweater
I found a spoon, I found a watch that someone forgot
I found a single baby sock that smelled of wet bark.

I feel sad (do not feel sad
it was not your idea to build
the daycare center on the silt on the riverbank.
What a terrible idea)

peat has filled the damp footprints of children who tread here years ago and now
the earth is flat i mean
the soil, the soil is even. The earth is
not flat.

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