I presented myself as a bird to the structure which also presented itself as a bird. The structure sang, unfolded itself, and I thought There is something about architecture which moves, twisting, sunk deep into earth with steel rods and stakes but still unfurling winged, awake. And I asked myself whether I was winged or awake and I could not say yes because I seem to be sleeping. The bird is hung with banners and the bird unfurls, raises its head, its delicate bones, tender filaments, the skeleton that is hung with banners and is tenuous but is sunk into the ground with steel rods and stakes. And I thought Any moment now this structure will move up and out and suspend itself as though in water because here water and air are the same, and any moment now I too will suspend myself and perhaps dissipate as I have wished to do for a very long time. But then I thought this is impossible, I am fixed by stakes into the earth. I want to be hung with banners, to dissipate, to be erased, to be without.

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