“This is the Lord God, Holy Father. I am currently rather busy but I shall squander several moments here aggravating your dampness with my breath and my voice.”

Moments ago this entire room was flooded with water and I nearly drowned but the water receded.

“Do you know where you are?”

I appear to be in a room with an occulous, or rather a room with walls of black obsidian, or some surface which looks like black obsidian and a roof that is not a roof but rather a perfect and Euclidian shape or photograph of something I once dreamt, maybe it was about black obsidian that I dreamt, maybe it was about studies of clouds that I dreamt, I cannot recall exactly.

“You are in North Malden. I have placed you in a room with walls of black obsidian in North Malden, in the center of the arterial thoroughfare. The traffic blockage has the citizens of North Malden quite chagrined.”

North Malden.

“The decision was an arbitrary one, but I suppose it has something to do with me not caring for you particularly.”

Have I done something to offend you?

“Not really.”

Will you let me go home?

“I’ll do as I wish. I shall keep you here and look at you sometimes and think of you occasionally, but not often. You shall stay and wait until I have thought about other things and then maybe I shall think of you more often.”

The room is filling with water again.

“Yes, I have decided that it shall do that intermittently.”

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