- where are we? Is this the Wood of Suicides again?


- huh. looks just like it.

well, it’s not. we’re actually not in Hell anymore.

- you’re kidding. when did we get out?

after the ice part.

- oh. so where are we? Purgatory?

we finished Purgatory. and Paradise. apparently you have not been paying attention.

- that’s so weird. it all looks the same.

you haven’t been paying attention at all.

- hey, do you have a sandwich or anything on you?


- i asked if you had a sandwich or something. starving over here.


- what? you aren't hungry?


- so you’re saying you don’t have a sandwich or anything?


- crackers?

....oh wait, I do have a sandwich.

- really?? what kind?

tusked boar.

- ....oh.

is that a problem?

- you don’t have pheasant or anything?

no. just boar.

- is it on that weird bread?

which bread?

- the bread with all the clumps and the dark crust.

yeah, it’s that bread.

- ....oh.

do you want the sandwich or not?

- ....no, it’s okay.....

suit yourself.

- hey, I have a question.


- is Error a construct of Man or of Nature?


- oh, hold on a second. you got your cloak-thing stuck on this pointy rock.

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