often I cannot feel the tips of my fingers and more often
I cannot walk straight or see very well, I saw

the strangest thing
on television the other day. Two men
were holding a fish from either end and
they were both pulling on the fish until it split
apart, We look at each other

as if other people
as if other people are watching but
people are watching they are actually, I’m feeling

much better now
I am not going to pretend
that I am not angry, Oh wait

COPS is on that guy is bleeding
and that guy is writhing in the middle
of the street
covered in silver metallic paint
something to do with PCP, with cathedrals

it is difficult
to breathe it is
the incense.

No, I was
the guy covered with metallic paint was huffing
the paint fumes and
the guy
who is bleeding was stabbed by the metallic paint guy’s
wife Or girlfriend
I can’t tell exactly they are both screaming
so loudly why
isn’t there an ambulance for the bleeding guy, Oh wait
here comes one

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