That a horse can be thrown to water
a horse well riveted
well planked
and buoyant
rock back and forth and up and down and
sit in the lap of the lake
eating two people – you
and me.

(I am watching the wedding from a safe distance I am
ruining my complexion with cigarettes)

Dragged the horse
the horse to water and made him
dragged him there
with the hem of my dress
the length of my leg, I dragged him there
drank him.

The axiom, the angle in flight
and briefly the hovering

(is there anything so beautiful as that
which is caught, and, netted,
goes limp?)

half for the fear, half for when I am
no longer afraid
And to show for it, a drowned horse
two people floating in the lap
of the lake, netted
the ten years body
in the bathtub
ten years wasted, ruined
she ate and ate and ate.

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