rooms to litter 
paper walls paper 
the places where 
your trace still 
flickers a little

“in which I pushed 
my grandfather from a six storey building.” 

and what do you 
what do you think of me what do you think
of me now? what do you think of 
me now? what do you think
of me now? 

“in which I woke up 
and you were gone.”

held in the acanthus leaf 
the honeysuckle 
the cornucopia 
the rosette and the lyre 
low, set 
against the wall in an alcove
with only one good side 
one good side exposed
curved and 
sweeping headboard
footboard rosewood 
mahogany ebony
gilt stenciling in ormalu (brass they used 
to imitate gold) 

“in which I pulled
a wooden stake from my sternum, dressed in white.”

In 1786 they slept in beds of brass they used 
to imitate gold in which they never slept they 
never slept
never sleeping in the place with the sofa
in which once I think I heard 
in which I heard 
your voice but 

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