held once i the heat of stones (warm stones sunk in nests of raw salt stones flung i into the sea
like tender fish for it to eat like ate it the red bridge like ate it the cool flesh of the wide belly of the beach and the limbs of aching driftwood grown warped wizened
) bleached from dusty recollections once leaves.

* * *

Please ensure that my nerves are drawn down divided and sheathed closed and
Please bore a tunnel through my muscle belly and widen sufficiently to
Please allow my skin flap to form a lined tube, keep the canal patent by means of

Please a rubber drainage or
Please an ivory peg or
Please a skin closed with interrupted silk sutures, or --

* * *

in the absence of
a compensative apparatus, appliance of
tight coils, thin sheets of

aluminum, black rubber, rosewood stuffed with
wool, buckskin and morocco lined, bound with
calf leather covered concave steel bar brass capped, stitched with
stout wire; copper fixed with

cogged wheels finely toothed, stretched from
tissues of vellum hide, carved from
milk belly of mine, concave from

absence of integument, please do as they did in
Rome, dressed lint and sponge dipped in
vinegar, secured oilcloth in

the absence
of, how can i?

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