not asking for but clinging to the counter, emerald granite and sink-footed, still shoed, how easy and how, how easy as i am always with, always an and, and always wanting when.  not asking pulls back the high scalp, sweating and so much hitting, and when. not asking but gets it, what the deserving was coming to, when the word and its coming from was not meant, meant only as means to end, when from emerald to granite i am easily carried. when the chair where no one sits is hot, the sink has been footed with a sharp-heeled shoe, when

not asking asks woman to press herself into the shape of a dog, when she is not asked but is stuffed into the shape of a dog.  when little bottles that keep Kittens, Kittens keep - yet i have yet to see Kitten that did not plump into Cat.  the bottling stops it, the catting-up, so stays Kitten, the bottling means to end, the bottling Kitten ended, how easily Kitten is carried in bottling, with an and and not asking carries his Kitten, stuffs his woman into emerald.

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