vapourous creature    Evasive
White Doe that haunted Father’s childhood    dreams

daughterly duties
to hand you your broad shoulders   to

collect chenille blankets     stealthily strip 
sofa pillows as you collapse into apnea    an
exhausted collection of objets d’art    offensive materials exhumed
and purged to leave    perfect and pink and empty

shine a light back illumine the labyrinth    how
torso translucent    gathers
elegance with dust as my childhood relic collapses in cabinet   and

Father an ox
broad white bull shoulders me to sea    seeds my pomegranate
peel into Hades   and
why for one seed        eaten
we were burdened with   seasons. 

so sit quietly at table    view the repast but don’t touch it
water that pools at glass feet      romaine leaves that
wilt     waste with oil
what arteries the oil settles into     and

Father chews a moderate portion
eschews     and
prides himself
approves         of my abstinence.