i eye the cake, i drink the juice, i get my head stuck in the stair banister, i participate in 

designated activities and eat more pizza than anyone else, i politely ask to be sent home at 2 

AM, i participate in designated activities and chortle when appropriate, i leave early, i sit in the 

corner and read The Brothers Karamazov or something, i refuse to participate in designated 

activities, i drink water, i angrily sequester in the other room and watch Last Year at 

Marienbad at maximum volume and i don’t mean to seem like i care about material things but 

when the rhodesian ridgeback next door ripped Mr. Kittens Mittens limb from limb i cried for 

days (a golden plaque inscribed with The Lord’s prayer, a Nirvana biography gutted from its 

original cover and glued to the cover of a copy of Hamlet) and mother, you know you know a 

stuffed pony is not the same as a real pony, a six pack of tacos is not enough tacos, vinyl 

bondage pants tend to chafe in heat, three performances that utilize dry ice as the primary 

sonic medium are two performances too many, and why, why do i always depersonalize at 

the roller rink, why can’t i win Myst without cheating, why am i listening to nu-metal, why did 

Andy spill mate tea all over my borrowed copy of The Glass Bead Game, why is Vincent Gallo 

an asshole/why is Vincent Gallo’s public persona an asshole, why is there so much John 

Zorn in my itunes library do i really like John Zorn all that much (here Mr. Herzog here is a 

wilted celery stalk take this wilted celery stalk and construct a lethal weapon using only your 

feet do this Mr. Herzog do it, do it - do it because you are my best friend) and of drool of barbie 

plastic of freshly laundered socks and of french fries of holy water of chlorine of cheese 

popcorn residue of unwashed hair of foot of leather of metal of my boyfriend’s dreadlock wax 

(unsteady fart stirring the hairs of a cats belly, a hummingbird with severe intestinal blockage, 

years of heavy drinking, opiate use, Marlboro Mediums, silence silence silence, affected 

despondency, a six year old asthmatic on Depakote) i think of ways to get out of swim 

practice, i poke the decapitated festering bird in the backyard, i let Anne Davis ostracize me 

during P.E., i add Anne Davis to my hitlist, i get detention for writing a hitlist, i underline 

important Kierkegaard passages, i memorize important Kierkegaard passages, i recite 

important Kierkegaard passages when faced with probing questions about “life”, i go to the 

library and then, then i go to jail (my father’s florescent chartreuse fanny pack: a divination, a 

crux - things will only get worse, things will only get much, much worse)


yellow is a yield to shoe leather, or an
Eye disease, dried from greek petals
dressing french villages with lemons
Emerson in a skirt of wood, divided into eleven
or nineteen small spikes
Efficacious clefts, high hooked teeth cutting
coarse an odor deeply yellow, high summer crushing

Question: Strongly, I feel that I am that.


two of my poems are "published" in the new issue of DIAGRAM. Here you go:


DIAGRAM is my favorite online publication; they consistently feature really stellar work, and I recommend perusing the entire issue. I am flattered that they chose my silly little poems as well.