in the room without windows with the shredder. made up the patient charts with the double hole punch. Carl, retired. papers. rate the feelings on a scale of one to twenty. dementia. anxiety.

say the words on the page aloud and then do. close your eyes. “patient read the words and did nothing.” name the objects placed before you. penny. water glass. stapler. take the objects away. name the objects that were placed before you. penny. draw the shape. lift your right hand. “patient lifted his left hand.”

on the television clive owen’s wife died. sigur ros for movie death. close your eyes. the last time she was sunk three feet into her skin shell and all i could say. i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry and in the morning on new years eve they stripped the bed.

there was a piano there in that facility. i visited rarely. the smell. the piano’s faulty key two octaves above middle c. the c sharp. made it difficult to play the debussy. second arabesque. of the only pieces my hands remember.

in 1902 an armless girl was given arms. hooks were hands. she learned to write. men lost their arms to machines and were given machines for arms. close your eyes. imagine the hooks are hands.

cosmetics. to be worn in society. a flesh-colored rubber hand could be slipped over the hook. affixed to the inner forearm with steel bolts. the hand was cast to replicate a relaxed position. the fingers lightly curled towards the palm. the thumb.

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Patrick Playter Hartigan said...

Thought - Best years of our Lives. 1946. 7 Oscars. I haven't seen it in years but will grab it via the library this week.