several weeks ago i posted a mock-up of what the thing was to become -- that thing being: this. it is a map for anything or for the things it says it is.

many people seem to have difficulty accessing graphic text, admittedly it is a funny thing that can sometimes seem impenetrable or obtuse. and yet, the intent is often for you to be free to do what you would like to it.

see here. i will elucidate a bit and show you my favorite way to interpret. i like to read it as a musical score for five materials (glass, copper, leather, mirror, rubber) utilized or 'played' according to 'directives' or 'narratives' or 'fragments' selected at random. sometimes the space where a 'directive' ends or begins is unclear, and that is ok for you to decide as well. here is an example of how i might compose a few lines:

1.0-4.1., 3.0-1.2.:

GLASS that you exhaled on days green with rain, RUBBER wall of teeth punctured by whorls.

ok, i hope you like it. it has been a long time making. i am moderately pleased.


Doug said...

okay, so I got that I'm supposed to feel free to interpret it, so consider this a rhetorically obtuse test-question: most of the fragments are directly accessible from any other point following the graph, but 5.3, 4.3, 4.2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 are "blocked" by an ELEMENT; does that have anything to do with why you placed each ELEMENT on a different rung?

lau-ra said...

i love the diagram and how you've structured the voices to work like parts of a motor. i am less sure about how the sonic elements of the text are going to work together. the text seems fairly content-based at the moment and i am also not connecting with the content.

KRISTIN said...

@ Doug
the elements were placed on different rings because, initially, i was envisioning this as a constructed/architectural space composed of a series of wrapping walls built from a specific element. i.e. the outermost wall is rubber. this developed into a sort of psychic strata-space, with the fragments becoming more esoteric with deeper layering. you can choose to see the point of material as a point in space where that material occurs and does block the fragment, or interrupt the thought with the introduction of another material, or you can view the point as delineating a plane constructed of that material, in which case the fragments are colored by that particular thing, be it glass or rubber or leather. or you know, whatever you want. i have a feeling this did not answer your question. sorry.

do you mean 'sonic elements' as in -- if one were to "play glass" according to the content of the text, how would that work? or that the sound of the text does not appeal? there is no specific connection i intended for the content, other than images that could be conjured and mortared together in ways that would sound interesting in repetition, and that, further, waver between abstract and concrete, and that deflect the coolness of the graphic somewhat.

thank you for the interest, both.

KRISTIN said...

oh, i forgot to give credit where credit is deserved: