often the men use the gut of a cat to unite the posterior and anterior muscles and this is the right way. the gut of a cat is a different softness from the skin of the bone or the marrow of the bone or the nerves or the vessels or the branches of blood.

if you ask me to kneel i will try to kneel but i cannot. i cannot kneel. raise the cat to my face because i cannot kneel to look and i want to look this pretty cat in the face before the men.

the leather adds a bit of comfort and the men like it, the men like it. they like it. the men like the steel that extends up the thigh and they like the casing that holds the canal together with stiff laces. the men like these things.

i need to practice. i need to learn. i need control of my pelvic ring and i need. i strut upon wood. for the men a disc of wood is affixed to my pelvic ring by means of straps and buckles of copper.

the men pin me with a rubber tip. i bear their broad end and their pressure well and i am not tender with the men because they do not like it.

i use wax to affix the broomstick to the disc of wood and i prefer the broomstick to the men.

if it is tender i make modifications to it. if the upper portion has atrophied i open the bone joint and remove it, and the men affix this flap and that flap to the broad end using steel pins.

i use the knife to cut up and down and then sweep to the back and to the outer side and then round to the front and then up again. i apply pressure to the spring of my thigh and press the spring to remove it.

the muscle is cut and allowed to retract where the skin was cut and allowed to retract and you must take care to allow these things to retract, these things take time. this is as good as any.

difference between softness. i want you to feel it with your fingers. when you have felt the softness i want you to pull down and cut short this flap and that flap and i want you to feel it with the knife.

i cut. i cut using circular sweeps of the knife and when the clit is exposed the men saw through it and dab the ends in powder. i cut short the nerves and vessels and branches and create an inverted cone and at the apex is a stitching of wire and then.

then i have room to move about. i have room to move about and do not feel pain. i feel it with my fingers and i move about and i can do this. i can do and i do this and i do not feel pain.

if the thigh is not properly positioned friction and sores will develop and my whole skin will be dragged upon and stretched and my stitches will be opened. so here. here are the straps for my pretty lips. hold them.

you may press a spring to remove my mouth and then you may feed me. i carry my box in my pretty mouth and i bite the spring. i attract favorable attention on the street. i am as good as any.



reading albers color theory and goethe's color theory and kandinsky's on the spiritual in art which is essentially color theory for grumpy, mystical modernists.

arbitrary naming, synesthesia, codification, impossibility, failure, animals, ice cream, paddle boats.

also, non-sensory constituents for sensory things.

this is re: i wrote about colors a while back. the colors here are composites of crayola crayon names.

please read to yourself in a booming and authoritative teutonic monotone.