it takes all my arms to drag you down. sorry.

swallow you whole in the car on the corner so go ahead and cake me up

flake my dimming bulb i look

fucked as a flocked holiday tree where every christmas

i am wider i rarely fit the sink but still

shove my ass in to scrub me to a little less. i am honeyed ham on string

under all this skin

all this skin with nowhere to go.

so no no thanks i’ll not i’d rather not thanks.

i dont want your help or your love or your time i don’t want

any of your things or your eyes i don’t want your hands

or your hugs

i don’t want your gloves on my throat or your thumb in my cunt. no thanks

i want to sit here.

i want to sit here on the floor i want to put my clothes back on and

sit here and

i’ll sit here because this is what i do now this is it.

this is it.

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