dear nietzsche
please forgive me for berating you
for drawing attention to your obesity
for plucking at the drooping belly flap that
wobbles when you pace the windowsill
and spreads beneath you while you sleep, inflating you
to twice your usual dimensions
which are already quite porcine; you are
a very large cat, nietzsche
in The Wilderness your size would be considered an advantage
in The Wilderness you would have your way with lesser cats
you would dominate lesser cats you would kill lesser cats you would smother them
lesser cats in The Wilderness would fear you i think
and you could copulate with any male cat
because the meat of excess is arousing in your culture
not to mention
your very fine and soft coat
that male cats would find attractive.
i am sorry if you feel lonely
if you feel Lack
your sister mostly keeps to herself under the bed upstairs
and like most thin people she is rude and nervous
i don’t know if you are very good friends.
i think it would be healthy to develop strong relationships
and a sense of identity within your culture
but as far as i know
there are no cat groups i could take you to
nor courses in which to enroll
other than setting you free in The Wilderness
and setting you free in The Wilderness is not ideal, i would worry
(though your surplus stores of lipids would ensure your survival
until you had smothered and eaten other lesser cats)
i would worry
that you would not come back.


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