on the seventh day i removed the left arm and placed the arm on the floor next to the foot i removed on the third day. by the fifth day the foot i had removed was tender and grey and smelled of standing water. by the eighth day the left arm smelled of the hair it held clenched in its fist.

on the tenth day i removed the pupil which had seemed impossible to do all previous days without also removing the cornea. but on the ninth day i acquired the proper tools.

where do you go. where do you go. what do you do with your days. where do you sit in your home. when do you sleep. are you in ache. are you alone. is there a hill. is there a window. are you alone. are you alone.

i am here still. i am grey and tender. i am without many parts. i stink deep and heavy. i am without many parts but i retain certain holes. i retain certain water. i am good still for certain things.

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