on the sixth day the voice of the earth shook and from the tremor was birthed a village inhabited by people that kissed with their fingertips because the earth bore them without mouths. the people of the village absorbed nutrients with gaze and because of this they grew from the eye before they grew from the body. the people of the village held skins the color of clay to better sink into the soil when the fires ripped their homes into the winds. when the winds came the people of the village wore goggles and they grew thin.

i dreamt you wrote a letter and kissed it and sent it.

when i woke i searched my rooms for the letter and searched for days and upon my face a wetness slicked and dried and i sat in the center of my rooms overturned with papers and furniture and i sat in the center and spoke not and slept not and after a certain time had passed i thought to knife a slit into my sternum to open up my ribs wherein

wherein i found the body of a bird and nothing else.

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Troy Peter James Naumoff said...

These are your words?
They are very very well put together.
Brings a smile.