thought i wouldn’t be able to eat all those carrots but i was wrong.

when carrots comprised the major portion of my diet i had orange feet and palms. now i

have palms and feet all white and violet from the smoking and the whatever america.

pardon my woops body.

sorry for this year.


my grandma used to sleep in this room before she left her body.

years ago she slept next to my grandpa in a house in dry grass

a house next to a peacock farm.

the peacocks would scream all night. 

have you heard my father sneeze. that sound could bury miles.

with this wellbutrin i don’t stop twitching. abrupt shifts in the orientation of the ground

when i move too quickly. sometimes my eyes flicker. the other night i sat on the sofa

squirming like a baby while we watched a show about coupons.

akathisia: internal restlessness.


my jimmylegs got soft when i came back here and didn’t move at all for thirty days.

you can use bleach and toilet cleaner and pesticide in a bucket in a bathroom.  

they do this in japan. sometimes it doesn’t work.

that’s why i didn’t.

wellbutrin. i’d rather have those seizures than be so fucking morbid.

it’s a drag for us both.

you were so sleepy. i kept thinking ‘this feels weird and not good.’ 

anway this gym looks like a hospital. pinkeye gunk sticks to all the plastic.

now that i move around i notice more germs. 

please don’t die alone atop your pile of toys.

please come with me.

we made a list of things that the smurfs were about.

things that the smurfs were about:

i don’t want to talk about it.

gingersnaps, babywipes, whatever.

we have a bee situation here

i don’t know what the bees are doing but it seems unsavory

they’re mobilizing near the freeway 

a misanthropic, swerving mob

this doesn’t look good

can’t say i’ve met any friendly bees. 


CFont said...

It gets better. Unless the welby causes seizures, in which case it gets worse.

kristin hayter said...

actually the wellbutrin is awesome.

i really don't know why this sounds so sad.

i'm about due for a WB seizure. i'm on the no-go list like you.

adam moorad said...

hi kristin

facebook brought me here

seems we're 'friends'

enjoyed this one = 'pardon my woops body'