a parakeet on newspaper spilled with seed, a cat flattened as a pressed flower, an illusory movement captured by the smell of resin. 

a chrysalis split into two perfect halves revealing an interior both diamond-like and porous.

a human figure impressed into crushed daffodils, a human figure where fog is now, a human figure leaking blue fluid.

darkness, darkness. 

things that are interesting now but will not be interesting later, a chin dipped in cereal.

the voice of carlo broschi represented by two merged voices, a roman nose, ribbon: all colors.

confirmation that the arm is too far from the brain to complete any conceivable arm function.

irregular motion of the heart, catastrophizing in the wake of catastrophe. a swamp. 

dry rot, all of you. 

a snapping turtle mawing at the anus of a drowned sow, a node in the brain the size of a heavily nacred pearl.

two adjacent deserts, two photographs that appear to contain ghosts, insidious weakness manifesting as a coniferous forest in the gut.

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