This piece (Fig 109) was previously published in Lamination Colony but I've fixed it and turned it into something a bit more interesting...a sort of manual self-generating text that self-destructs. Ultimately, it's a score open to interpretation, so if anyone wants to take a stab at performing it let me know. 

One current incarnation involves performance by prepared/treated guitar. The guitarist uses a different interpretive technique for each of the five materials (tuning pegs, chimes, e-bow, speakers, something else I've forgotten) and creates a short, distinct motif/sample for each integer for each material -- 15 in all. The recordings were then placed as individual tracks in randomizing software, generating each integer unpredictably. The result is similar to the line of integers shown below the diagram, and thus randomly generated music dictates the text 'narrative.' 

Unfortunately we don't have a recording of this yet. Once we do I'll be sure to post it.